Welcome to Ball-Music.com


Most of the tracks on this site are my own electronic music and some very experimental. DOWNLOAD MY FULL ALBUM FOR FREE


The newest tracks are usually under BALL (NEW EDM).

The images on the site are from  http://www.3d4medical.com/ Please visit them and take a look at the incredible images and animation they have.

A few tracks are from very heavy solo releases  NOISEFLOOR when I was 25-27 yrs old and from bands I toured and recorded with:  MICHELIN SLAVE 18-25

I now mix,remix and design sounds in my spare time.

Most of  the songs on the site can be played with the embedded music player or right clicked and saved as a free MP3.

You can also download the songs from the DOWNLOADS page.

I will be adding more areas to the site as I go.

Please feel free to contact me and/or send me any of your music or tracks you like !

Here is my soundcloud link!





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